Self-priming pumps R4
Self-priming pumps R4

By nature a centrifugal pump is not self-priming, but there is a simple solution that involves combining a centrifugal pump and an open turbine with a priming tank.

3 qualities
3 qualities that you would like to find in your collaborators

Pompes Grosclaude believes and invests in the dynamism and promises of youth.

Any news from our favourite co-pilot?

Previously, in Pompes Grosclaude news: The company decided to invest in motor sports

Vacuum Drum Filter Pumps

In this article read about a SKID created by the Pompes Grosclaude team thanks to two Ex109/2X pumps for vacuum extraction.

Maintenance and Repair

An inexperienced person is more likely to HURT himself and to further damage the pump.

Block release training, a helping hand for companies

Pompes Grosclaude is investing in our young people. As a very small company, it is up to us to tread carefully in the market…

A solution for pumping 98% Nitric Acid

Nitric acid is a clear, light yellow liquid chemical compound that is highly corrosive and harmful to human health.

Rally team sponsor

To celebrate the 2017 New Year, Pompes Grosclaude is investing in motor sport as a sponsor!