The hydraulics of Vertical Centrifugal Pumps are immersed in the liquid to be pumped rendering leakages and priming problems non-existent.

The centrifugal pumps in the R0 series are specially designed for a wide range of applications requiring construction in stainless steel or finer materials.

The R0 vertical pumps are assembled on a support plate and have delivery pipes on the upper area. The length under the mounting plane can be adapted to your requirements (maximum 500 mm).

The pump hydraulics can be either monocellular or multicellular according to the circuit needs.


The standardized centrifugal pumps in the ALFA series can be employed for a wide range of uses, specifically for challenging sectors such as the chemical or petrochemical industries. They comply perfectly with ISO 2858 or NF 44 121 standards.

The slab which supports the pump can serve as tank cover, with a rising pillar for the part “liquid backflows”. According to your tank’s dimensions, the length under the laying plan can reach six meters if necessary.

The pumps are specially designed for a wide range of chemical fluid applications.
Because of their vertical design with customised long shaft and base plate, the R series pumps can be used on all types and sizes of tanks.
Assembly with single or multiple stage open impellers allow using the R series pumps with clear or suspended-solid liquid applications.