Design and engineering support

Our design and engineering support department is in charge of designing the products we manufacture.
Thanks to IT technology, our team uses CAD to develop and monitor the various production steps for creating equipment best adapted to your applications
We have also set up tools to simulate your installations and determine the head loss to be compensated by our pumps in order for you to optimise the equipment you have.
Our strength calculations on the material guarantee the long-lasting life of the pumps we supply.
A large range of available metals allows us to propose the best material adapted for your requirements



Ductile cast iron FGS 400
Features: high-mechanical resistance, good resistance to wear, good vibration absorption, excellent machinability, low friction coefficient, etc.


304 – 316 – 316L – 316Ti
Features: holds up well against corrosion, absence of fragility at low temperatures, etc.…


Duplex – Uranus 52 – Uranus B6
Features: holds up against corrosion in acidic environments, chlorinated environments, salt water, etc.



Features: Excellent resistance to corrosion: marine environment and alkaline, etc.
Hastelloy, Inconel, (NICKEL-CHROME Alloy)
Features: Superior resistance to stainless steel (very stable passive layers), heat-resistant (to 700°C), holds up well in a cryogenic environment, etc.


Features: Holds up extremely well against corrosion (oxidises easily but has self-passivation), good resistance to fatigue, can be used to 400°C, good resistance in a cryogenic environment, etc.

R series

The R series pumps are specially designed for a wide range of chemical fluid applications.
Because of their vertical design with customised long shaft and base plate, the R series pumps can be used on all types and sizes of tanks.
Assembly with mono- and multi-blade open impellers allow using the R series pumps with clear or suspended-solid liquid applications.