POMPES GROSCLAUDE has been recognised in the French market as the specialist in small-series and customised pump manufacturing since the mid-1960s

Our company has built our reputation based on the reliability and durability of our pumps. In fact, we still respond positively to requests for parts on equipment that was delivered, installed and commissioned over 40 years ago.

POMPES GROSCLAUDE is always in search of solutions, and we specialise in the most complex industrial applications (corrosive, abrasive or dangerous liquids; very-high or very-low temperature fluids; etc.).
Today, POMPES GROSCLAUDE pumps are largely known for their durability and hydrodynamic qualities. Our pumps are used by all the big chemical, fine chemical, agri-food, pharmaceutical, weapon and nuclear companies in France and around the world.




POMPES GROSCLAUDE has the best technical expertise in centrifugal pumps of any brand on the market. POMPES GROSCLAUDE rhymes with excellence in service, in advice, quality and safety. At the heart of POMPES GROSCLAUDE’S product portfolio is the manufacture of centrifugal pumps, surface ones, for processes, heat conducting fluids or waste water.

POMPES GROSCLAUDE’S products and services can be found in many areas such as the chemical and fine chemical industries, the pharmaceutical industry, water pumping and water treatment plants, electrical and nuclear power plants, mining and oil industries. POMPES GROSCLAUDE also offer solutions in all automation domains and complete systems including control, filtration etc.