Magdrive pumps MGX series

The mono- and multicellular centrifugal pumps in the MGX series are specially designed for a large range of chemical and fine chemical uses, and particularly for products that are corrosive and dangerous to humankind and the environment.
The MGX pumps are designed to avoid any leaks, even fugitive ones, of products pumped outdoors. This specific tightness is obtained using magnetic coupling that can be used with either hot or cold products.
Thanks to their horizontal monoblock design, the MGX pumps do not take up a lot of space making their integration into compact Skid types of assemblies easier.


Chemical and fine chemicals industries – Pharmaceutical industry – Cosmetic industry – Nuclear industry – Skid manufacturers – Transfer of corrosive liquids/clear solvents – CIP solutions – Tank unloading – Transfer of pollutants (environmental protection) – Ultra-filtered, purified de-mineralised water or WFI – Heat transfer fluids…

  • Flow rate: 100 l/h to 100 m3/h
  • Total head: <105 m
  • Operating pressure: < 10 bar
  • Pression de service : < 10 bar
  • Speed: < 3600 min-1
  • ATEX certification: II 2 G II B T3/T4


Please contact us to see the 1450 rpm/min speed selection curves.

Basic components
  • Pump body 316L Stainless steel
  • Cover/diffuser/flange 316L Stainless steel
  • Impeller 316L Stainless steel
  • Shaft 329LN Stainless steel
  • Gasket Aramid

To better respond to your requirements, our expertise in the metalworking industry is at your service: Hastelloy, Duplex, Inconel, Monel, Titanium…

  • Type Magnetic coupling
  • Can Non-magnetic alloy
  • Mobile mounted on block Silicon carbide
  • Magnet material Samarium cobalt
  • Lubrication Process fluid
  • Can gasket FKM (ex: FEP covered)

We’ll help you define the best type of assembly and dynamic sealing adapted to your application.

Pump inlet and outlet connections



  • Three-phase (other voltage on request)


  • Primer + epoxy paint RAL # 5017