The company Pompes Groclaude

POMPES GROSCLAUDE has been recognised in the French market as the specialist in small-series and customised pump manufacturing since the mid-1960s

Our company has built our reputation based on the reliability and durability of our pumps. In fact, we still respond positively to requests for parts on equipment that was delivered, installed and commissioned over 40 years ago.

POMPES GROSCLAUDE is always in search of solutions, and we specialise in the most complex industrial applications (corrosive, abrasive or dangerous liquids; very-high or very-low temperature fluids; etc.).

Today, POMPES GROSCLAUDE pumps are largely known for their durability and hydrodynamic qualities. Our pumps are used by all the big chemical, fine chemical, agri-food, pharmaceutical, weapon and nuclear companies in France and around the world.

The range of POMPES GROSCLAUDE pumps cover a majority of ATEX or non-ATEX applications.

Our customised centrifugal pumps adapted to specific requirements:

  • Retrofitting on obsolete pumps
  • Submerged or external vertical pumps with long shaft
  • Pump skid integrating various components (trolley, frequency driver, filters, etc.)
  • Pumps adapted to non-standard use :
    • Corrosive, harmful or abrasive fluids
    • Static pressure or extreme temperatures
    • Use needing recurring maintenance
    • Vacuum extraction of liquids close to their steam pressure…

In order to be in harmony with our product and marketing approach, POMPES GROSCLAUDE has based its development on internalizing our human means and design office to be able to manufacture single or small series centrifugal pumps. Our design office uses 2D (AutoCAD) and 3D (Solid Edge) modelling to create pumps according to specifications defined together with our customers. Our staff members working in the design office have more than 50 years cumulative experience on the use and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps. They knew how to build on this to forge the necessary technical and IT skills through simulation and scaling tools developed in-house.

Here are several key moments in our company’s history:

– 1950: Mr. René Grosclaude creates his “hydraulic material” company with two business activities (mechanical and manufacturing).
– 1960 : “Etablissements R. Grosclaude” is established for the commercialization of Farget pumps and circulator pumps.
– 1968 : Jean-Pierre Grosclaude takes over the company and develops the manufacturing of stainless steel pumps for the chemical industry.
– 1970 : The company moves to Decine, France, with a workforce of 5 employees.
– 1992 : Construction of a site in Bron, France. Our workforce is now at 17 employees.
– 1997 : Purchase of POMPES GROSCLAUDE by the Italian company FindeR.
– Feb. 2009: POMPES GROSCLAUDE becomes an independent company once again after being purchased by the current director Sander van Langen.

What is remarkable in our current structure is that the employees in the production, scheduling and design offices all have over 15 years of service within the company. This allows high guarantee of repeatability and traceability for the products developed since our company started.

Our owner, Sander van Langen, is a graduate of the engineering school ICPI (now CPE) in Lyon, France. He held several different technical, sales and managerial positions until 2009, when he had the opportunity to buy POMPES GROSCLAUDE in the hopes of developing a durable company.

They trusted us …