Vertical centrifugal pumps

The hydraulics of Vertical Centrifugal Pumps are immersed in the liquid to be pumped rendering leakages and priming problems non-existent.

The ZS_SV vertical side channel centrifugal pumps are selfpriming mono-cellular pumps capable of conveying gas-containing liquids. This range is available with a mechanical seal in the ZS_SVG series and with a magnetic coupling in the ZS_SVM series.

These pumps take up limited space (vertical assembly). They are self-priming (including on biphasic mixes), and they are capable of re-priming in the event of cavitation.

The magnetic coupling pumps in the ZS_SVM series include a rupture detection hole on the air chamber. This hole is also found on the mechanical seal pumps (having an assembly complying with the standard DIN 24960).