Side channel pumps ZS_S series

The ZS_S side channel centrifugal pumps are used for a very large range of applications, in particular for vacuum extraction, fluids with high steam pressure or raw materials in a storage tank centre.
They can comply with the standard DIN-24254 (for the pumps in PN40).

This pump technology has the advantage of being selfpriming (even on biphasic mixes) and does not stall in the event of cavitation, but it is not compatible with suspended particles.

Different types of API-conformed tightness are available and the mechanical seals conform with DIN 24 960.

  • Flow rate: 0.3 m3/h to 35 m3/h
  • Total head: 5 to 350 mCl
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 120°C (-40 to 220°C for PN40)
  • Operating pressure: < 16 to < 40 bar
  • Speed: < 1750 min-1
  • ATEX certification: II 2 G II B T3/T4


Basic components


Mechanical seal:

Standardised mechanical seal (DIN 24960) Simple, double back to back, tandem or quenched assembly Non-compensated for outlet pressures less than 16 bar or compensated for pressures above.

  • Friction face: Silicon carbide on carbon with the possibility to change on request
  • O-ring material: According to the type of liquid conveyed, we’ll adapt the type of O-ring