3 qualities that you would like to find in your collaborators

Pompes Grosclaude believes and invests in the dynamism and promises of youth.

3 qualities

Pompes Grosclaude believes and invests in the dynamism and promises of youth.

We are advancing with the new generation by giving young players alternatives or by sponsoring them like we do with Vincent Delaplanche.

We advocate and encourage young people in their determination to acquire corporate values. That’s why we are proud to help and support Vincent in his sporting adventure. This young co-pilot brings all the qualities and values that Pompes Grosclaude wishes to maintain within his team and to instill in his new recruits.

What is rallying?

This sport is above all a great personal investment. A large family that requires know-how and know-how. As co-driver, Vincent showed his determination and his rage to win. But, above all, he had to take full possession of his post and the stakes involved.


In all trades, motivation and determination to achieve its goals are essential. Who can boast of being fully productive and effective if he does not have such an engine?

The determination to achieve one’s goals, a passion for one’s work and one’s motivation are skills and qualities that determine the proper functioning and balance of a team. As Richard BRANSON, CEO of Virgin Group, said:

“It is therefore important to hire passionate people who care about the company and its objectives. Determination is no longer a simple word trend, it is an indispensable skill. Passion and determination will allow employees to remain focused and allow the employer to distinguish between those who are successful and others. “

How to detect the passion and determination of your collaborators?

Observe their fervor when defending the interests of the company, see the time and the implication they give to their missions.

Pompes Grosclaude applies itself to stimulate its collaborators in this direction.

Motivation and passion can’t be simulate and today, in this connected and committed world, it is necessary to create a team complementary and united in the same dynamic.

Being passionate about his work is one thing. But being determined for his personal passion is a start.

Vincent Delaplanche possesses both of these qualities, in the rally and in his work.

Pompes Grosclaude encourages these skills and shows to the team how favorable these assets can be.

Etre passionné par son travail c’est une chose. Mais être déterminé pour sa passion personnelle est un début.

Vincent Delaplanche possède ces qualités tant dans le rallye que dans son travail.

En le soutenant dans sa démarche, Pompes Grosclaude encourage ces compétences et montre à ses équipes à quel point de tels atouts peuvent être favorables.


” Curiosity is a vile defect”…False !

Curiosity is a great quality for who uses it wisely. This thirst for learning and understanding is a wonderful advantage for those who exploit it.

Thanks to it, one stimulates one’s creativity and adaptability, one gradually extinguishes one’s fear of the unknown, one increases its speed of decision-making, one leaves generalization and hasty judgments …

Thus, capacities analysis, adaptation, understanding of the other and its environment are increased.

This quality is a great asset for a team of work.

Indeed, curiosity will make it possible to push the boundaries of a project, it will offer the protagonists an overall vision and a better perception of the stakes and the exploitable solutions.

For enthusiasts, curiosity seems obvious. They will try to grasp all the plots of their interest thoroughly.

They will thus be able to know and understand the points of view and the languages of each actor of their passion.

It is for these reasons that Vincent chose to become a co-driver.

As described in the article “Sponsor of a rally team”, Vincent Delaplanche began his career in the rally as a driver of a Renault Clio Williams N3 Group. After two years behind the wheel, his curiosity pushed him to go further. Asking questions and being interested in the position of copilot was not enough for him, and he decided to change his seat.

3–Team spirit

What is the difference between a team and a working group? A group is a sum of individualities. Each element, considering itself independent of others, will tend to retain an individual dynamic and thus to think about its own interest.

Conversely, a team is composed of members united in a common goal. This is where the team spirit comes in. It is the heart that animates the strength of the company.

Each member understands and accepts the strengths and weaknesses of each. All roles are thus optimized in a common efficient dynamic.


Pompes Grosclaude has a tightly knit team that evolves in a warm and productive working environment.

Mutual assistance and the recognition of the work of others are central to our concerns.

How can we not encourage this cohesive and productive engine of teamwork?

Team spirit is a concept often attributed to collective sport. The rally is one of them.

This sport is an osmosis between the two members of the crew and between the crew and the car.

This triangle is based on a harmony that is perfect in order to gain a blind confidence. Each has a well-defined role and thus missions to accomplish.

They are grateful and aware of the value and importance of each other in their common goal: victory.

The confidence that unites the crew is the source of important ties that enable it to overcome the most complex challenges and situations.

These three qualities that are, skills of determination, curiosity and team spirit show us the importance and benefits of passion.

Whether for yourself or in the professional setting.

Being passionate about your business gives you many qualities and values that allow us to move forward. This is better than long speeches about the importance of a particular skill.

It is a great way to develop one’s own abilities and personality. Pompes Grosclaude advocates these qualities and more particularly the enthusiasts, by encouraging this young athlete. Sander van Langen shows his team that leisure and interests outside the workplace are beneficial in all settings.

We want young people to take a liking to work and to have values. To do this, we support them in their personal development process.