Vacuum Drum Filter Pumps

In this article read about a SKID created by the Pompes Grosclaude team thanks to two Ex109/2X pumps for vacuum extraction.

Vacuum extraction

Vacuum Drum Filter Pumps


  • Low flow rate: 1.0 m3/h

-Very flexible pump: flow rate from 0.3 to 3 m3/h

  • HMT : 14,6 mCl

– Needed to pass from vacuum state to atmospheric pressure

  • Low NPSH available (liquid under vacuum): Required NPSH = 1 mLC

– Reduced installation size

  • Assembled using two pumps installed in parallel with a set of associated valves to double the work station and enable quick switching from one pump to the other.


Chosen product:


The low flow rate coupled with a high total manometric head makes these pumps ideal for VACUUM EXTRACTION.

Technical description – pumps

  • Series EX-BX pumps
  • Industrial construction on base plates
  • Materials: 100% stainless steel
  • Leak proofing by standard single mechanical seal
  • Flow rate:

– from 0.3 m3/h for a TMH of 19 mLC

– to 3 m3/h for a TMH of 12 mLC

Main advantages

  • Open impellers compatible with the particles present in the transported liquid
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Assembled on a common mount(SKID)