Rally team sponsor

To celebrate the 2017 New Year, Pompes Grosclaude is investing in motor sport as a sponsor!

Pompes Grosclaude is investing in motor sport! To celebrate the 2017 New Year, Sander van LANGEN, director of Pompes Grosclaude, decided to add a new string to his marketing bow.

As a result, he contacted Vincent DELAPLANCHE to help him fulfil his passion for rally driving.


This electromechanical technician, who is nearly 27, is a car rally enthusiast. As a son of one of the winning team in the ILE DE FRANCE league 1993 regional rallies, rally racing runs in his blood.

Vincent was able to fulfil his dreams, when he was 25, thanks to the fantastic birthday present of his first rally car! A Clio Williams Group N3.


The joint dream of Vincent and his vehicle team mate took off with the Escarène Rally in 2015. They finished the race ranked 31st in the overall rankings and 3rd in the N3 class.

Their adventure continued successfully throughout the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Despite a few withdrawals due to mechanical failure or accidents, Vincent DELAPLANCHE’s team showed its mettle.

This earned them a good mention in an article in BAQUET magazine after the 2016 Fayence rally. This race was the last for the Clio Williams N3.

This lovely car was responsible for some good results but mechanical problems and the splitting up of the DELAPLANCHE team brought about its demise.

As pilot, Vincent only drove the Clio Williams N3 in regional rallies:

«40 timed kilometres generally over 6 special stages»

and national rallies:

«140 timed kilometres over 12 special stages»


“Vincent would now like to gain good experience as a co-pilot. His enthusiasm is not limited to driving and he would like to prove it this season.

His goal? «To complete a good season as a co-pilot and achieve as good a rank as possible in the PACA league ranking and why not even a place on the co-pilot league podium as well as a co-pilot podium place in my motor sport association (ASA Grasse). »

Pompes Grosclaude, therefore, is right behind him in his new assault on the podiums. We caught a rapid glimpse of him during the 2017 Vignes de Regnié (near Lyon) regional rally.

Vincent was Thierry FRANCO’S co-pilot in a Peugeot 106 N2 on 25th and 26th March 2017.

The team came 84th and achieved its main goal which was to bring back the car in one piece!

We also saw our blue logo on a hairpin bend of the Pays de Grasse rally which took place between 31st March and 1st April 2017.

This time Vincent was with the pilot Teddy VILANOVA. Their Clio R3 MAX 250hp and their determination earned them a place in the top 15 and the second place in their class!

Communication Manager
Pompes Grosclaude